Behind the Curtains with Sébastien Prévost, Hospitality and Distribution Director


Ask Sébastien how much he enjoys working at Cirque du Soleil and talking about his daily life, and his smile says it all.

He is a busy man who helms a team of 20 people. Its mission? Creating memorable experiences for Cirque’s business clientele across the planet.

He never knows what each day will bring, other than a schedule filled with calls from anywhere in the world where Cirque shows are being performed. Sébastien and his team will set up a corporate event for a market launch in Tokyo, make sure everything is ready in Brussels for a private Big Top performance two days later, or put the finishing touches on a customized training session for a corporate client in Los Angeles.


Cirque du Soleil does that?

Ever since he joined Cirque, his mission has been to spread the word on the company's extensive corporate offering. Few people can truly grasp all the possibilities, but that’s hardly surprising in the world of Cirque, where no dream is too big.

Sébastien could talk to you for hours about events that welcome up to 2,500 people, where the entire Big Top is outfitted with the colours of a major pharmaceutical company for a private show… or about more intimate events for some 30 people who, after the first half of the show, return to a VIP Suite where all is not quite the way they had left it, with changes to furniture and curtains, not to mention savoury hors d’oeuvres replaced with sweet treats.

Like he says, who else but Cirque could pull these things off? Yes, Cirque is all about wonder, extravagance, dream and performances. But above all, it’s about flawless execution, where every detail counts. After all, selling a ticket is a privilege.


Selling a ticket is a privilege.

The greatest challenge is that a circus, by definition, is a travelling show. That means an average of 20,000 tons of equipment, 120 people, including about 40 artists, going from town to town, not to mention the 150 people hired locally to put up the Big Top and lend a hand during the 5 days of installation. All of which calls for much more advanced tools and strategies than for resident shows. But when it comes to prestige and rarity, there is nothing like it.


Cirque has a knack for redefining what is humanly possible.

Sébastien is still amazed by the astonishing feats of Cirque artists who constantly push the boundaries of human performance to thrill audiences. In fact, he uses this to encourage his team to try, to dare, to do things differently, because that’s the best way to continue to offer clients and their guests a one-of-a-kind experience they will cherish forever.

Seeing what an inspiration his work is, we can see why Sébastien claims to have the best job in the world.


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