New VIP Area for LUZIA: How to Have a Great Customer Experience

October 31, 2016


At Cirque du Soleil, we are constantly searching for new ways to improve our customers’ experience when they attend our performances. Accordingly, our team is proud to announce some exciting news: the complete renewal of the VIP tent that accompanies some of our performances under the Big Top!

The new VIP area will be inaugurated in a world premiere in San Francisco, at the presentation of LUZIA. You can get a preview of what awaits our visitors and learn more about the process which has enabled our team to rethink the customer experience.

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Interview with Sandra Fernandes, Project Manager - VIP & Hospitality for Cirque du Soleil

Tell us about the new VIP area for the LUZIA show, in San Francisco.

Cirque du Soleil's VIP package offers many benefits, but its greatest feature is that it prolongs the show for the visitors inside a tent with restricted access. They are treated to an unforgettable experience before the show and during the intermission.

For the show being presented in San Francisco starting in November 2016, visitors who purchased the VIP package will be welcomed into a reinvented VIP area: a glass tent! It’s a European concept still largely underused in North America.

Why a glass tent?

We were looking for a way to optimize the visitor experience and the idea of this structure prevailed. The area is designed with glass panels, which makes it possible to stay in contact with the excitement taking place outside the tent. In doing so, we are responding to a strong demand on the part of customers who wanted to feel more involved with the activity taking place outside. Now at last, they will be able to see and be seen!

What are the benefits of this new tent?

The transparency of the glass makes the VIP area seem vast. The space has also been completely redesigned to make moving around easier. As for the decor, as always it will be inspired by the show being presented under the Big Top.

Are there other novelties worth mentioning?

Absolutely. We really want to immerse our VIP buyers in LUZIA, so we have integrated projections and lighting effects that are inspired by the show. There will also be artists on hand to entertain the visitors.

Overall, the VIP package has not changed. Buyers will be entitled to the same privileges they enjoy with every show: hors d'oeuvres in keeping with the theme of the show, wine, beer and refreshments, a parking space, etc.

With all these new features, the overall experience will be more unique than ever! We are pleased to offer our individual visitors, groups and companies an experience that is truly out of the ordinary.

Can you explain how teamwork played a major role in reinventing your customers’ experience?

Having to totally change the VIP tent has involved many challenges, such as integrating the electrical wiring, air conditioning and heating, transporting all the equipment from one show site to another, obtaining the required permits from the different cities where we perform, etc. Thanks to the specializations of each of our teams and their members, we are able to complete the transformation, confident that everything will go well!

What advice would you give to companies wishing to improve the customer experience?

Get your inspiration from what is being done elsewhere in the world. Survey your customers to find out their preferences; they will provide you with the best ideas. Don’t limit yourself, unleash the full power of your creativity.  

And finally, don’t be afraid to involve your employees in your projects and have confidence in them. Working with the right teams from the outset will ensure that your initiatives are successful. I can assure you that any professional success is only possible with good collaboration!

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