How to organize a memorable Holiday Party

July 28, 2016

Once a year, every year, companies have their famous Holiday Party, an event that can easily give cold sweats to its organizing committee! While some employees eagerly await the event, others tend to give it very little importance. So, how do you make everybody happy? The secret depends largely on good organization, but also on good ideas! 

Need a little inspiration for a memorable evening that will appeal to everyone? Follow the guide!


Starting with the invitation card, set the tone by unveiling the theme of your end-of-year celebrations. This can be based on an era, a film, a sport... all kinds of ideas! For the unveiling of the theme, you can add a little intrigue, for example, by first sending a "teaser" by email. 

To encourage everybody to get involved and let loose, opt for a fun theme:  1970s disco, pirates, a boat cruise, an evening at the casino or Christmas in July. Ask participants to wear a garment or accessory in the image of the theme, decorate the room creatively and develop a menu accordingly. Don’t be afraid to be extravagant since you want to fill your team with energy and fun that will last the entire year!

Based on the budget allocated for this evening, don’t hesitate to call on an external resource to make your theme come alive in all the facets of your event. A professional with extensive expertise in this kind of organization will work in collaboration with a few employees to organize an evening where each detail counts.



An office party is successful when everybody has fun. By encouraging the participation of everyone, you generate collective enthusiasm. To better explore the interests of the team and find an activity that should appeal to the majority, you can send them an email several months in advance (or why not at the end of your current event, in order to be ready for the next one). Here are a few ideas of activities for different budgets, aimed at promoting interaction and the participation of all.

Gift exchange

According to a predetermined budget, each employee buys a gift. To avoid any derailment, you can propose a theme: cooking, vacation, music, work, etc.

Murder mystery evening

This is the ideal opportunity to interact with colleagues, because in trying to discover the designated culprit, you have to ask questions, invent stories and have fun!

Cultural outing

You can take advantage of an artistic show being in town to attend as a group and discuss the performance all together. This brings into play the imagination of each participant!

Group cooking course

An opportunity to learn about the basics of cooking, while, as a group, you prepare a gourmet meal to be enjoyed all together afterwards! User-friendly, creative and engaging for all participants! 


The team must create the menu and share related tasks. Each member will be proud to have participated in the sharing.

Highlight of the evening

Keep in mind the objective of the Holiday Office Party, which is to thank employees! By offering them a surprise, you delight them with a little holiday magic. A special gesture which can be in the form of prizes for participation, gifts, or a special activity. Some employers believe in being even more personal and write a few words to each employee. Every company is different, so it is a question of knowing how to best adapt the event.



Many reception halls, restaurants or shows get fully booked for the month of December early in the year. So, to avoid unpleasant surprises, it’s a good idea to determine the place and date of your event more than six months in advance.

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