How to choose the right activities for a social club?

July 28, 2016

The idea behind a company’s social club is to promote good relations between employees. By improving the atmosphere at work and the quality of life at the office, you also develop a collective sense of belonging to the company. But in order for it to work, it takes a dynamic club that regularly treats its members to interesting activities! To assist you in your planning, here are three types of activities to explore.



Some employees prefer to go straight home after work, because their family is waiting for them, while others will always prefer to have an after-work drink. Then there are employees who are particularly fond of group outings, because they are inexpensive! All employees who are members of the social club pay the same dues, so, in order to please everyone, you might want to strike a balance with a variety of activities for different budgets.



By creating interactions during office hours, those who absolutely must leave at the end of the day will be pleased to have had some fun during office hours. So, think of original activities that can take place during lunch hour or throughout the day, without, however, interfering with everyone’s work.


Board game in the park

On a beautiful summer’s day, organize a board game in a park. You can propose the game (something like this adaptation of the game Werewolves of Millers Hollow) or invite the participants to make suggestions by bringing their own game.

Wine tasting in the afternoon

A bottle of wine and a selection of cheeses served at 4pm in the conference room or a large hall creates a relaxed atmosphere and everyone benefits from the moment to have a chat at the end of the working day.

Create a special day!

No need to wait for Valentine’s Day to invite employees to wear a red sweater or accessory! You can give this special day the name of a colour that you choose (such as green Fridays). Encourage participation by inviting the employer to make a donation to a charity for each participating employee.

A ‘’5 à 7’’ at the office or nearby

After a day of work, a meetup with colleagues is always appreciated. It is a unifying time which allows co-workers to rub elbows in an environment conducive to team bonding. You can negotiate a group menu or leave each person to make their own choice according to their means. 

The ‘’5 à 7’’ can also be the opportunity to invite the members of the club to speak about one of their passions or even to raise funds for a cause close to their heart. This activity can be very rewarding, because everyone can get to learn something about themselves and some will even find new affinities!



By organizing a large-scale event, you encourage employees to get together outside of their usual context. They may even be able to participate with their spouse and children and to introduce them to their colleagues. What a beautiful opportunity to bring everybody closer together!

The event can be a sports tournament, a cultural event – such as a large-scale production – A dance evening organized in a hall rented for the occasion… In short, everything is possible, as long as it falls within budget!

The fact of being in a group allows them to benefit from substantial discounts and to do activities that they could not normally afford, which will delight your guests.

Offering a wide variety of activities does not guarantee that everyone will be impressed! Trying to surpass yourself each time can make the situation highly stressful and may discourage the organizers. Keep in mind that the mission of the social club is to foster a good team spirit by creating interaction. So remember, when choosing your activities… Keep it simple!


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