A Love Affair with Mexico - The Story of an Encounter [video]

August 17, 2016

Two years in the making, THE STORY OF AN ENCOUNTER is a poignant, 6-episode web series that explores the inspiring ‘love affairs’ between Cirque du Soleil and Mexico that flourished during the creation of LUZIA by Cirque du Soleil, the all-new, live touring show inspired by the cultural richness of Mexico.

Follow three endearing Mexican nationals who embarked on the whirlwind adventure with Cirque du Soleil and set out, through their unique talents, to infuse the show with the soul of Mexico and Latin America. Along the way they discovered Cirque du Soleil and its signature approach to live entertainment.


Born in Mexico City, LUZIA Set and Props Designer and Oscar winner Eugenio Caballero embodies the legendary warmth, generosity and unassuming modesty of his fellow citizens. For Eugenio, Mexico draws its great cultural wealth from a complex crossbreeding of influences that is the result of countless creative collisions with outside cultures over time. Eugenio was proud to evoke on stage the vibrant culture, the meticulous craftsmanship as well as the breathtaking landscapes and architectural wonders of his homeland. He was also instrumental in providing guidance to his long-time friend, LUZIA Director Daniele Finzi Pasca, and the rest of the creative team to navigate through the nuances and complexities of the Mexican persona. When he accepted Cirque’s invitation to design the LUZIA set, Eugenio first had to adapt his film-based approach to the language of circus arts and theater. In the process, he not only discovered the go-getter mentality of Quebec creators, but he was also inspired by the potential of the Big Top as a magical creative space and Cirque du Soleil as a unique creative laboratory.

Majo Cornejo, the leading voice behind LUZIA, left her family home in her native, sun-drenched Mexico to begin her new life at the Cirque du Soleil studios in snowbound Montreal. A burgeoning singer in her hometown, Majo was keen to join the Montreal troupe on its worldwide tour – a dream come true. Born into a family of musicians, the highly motivated and disciplined artist needed to adjust to a totally new environment, step into a different culture, learn new languages and work habits, meet new friends, and make her mark.

Rodrigo de la Mora, a highly regarded professional musician, left everything behind for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to work alongside his idol, LUZIA Co-writer and Director Daniele Finzi Pasca and work with Cirque du Soleil. Feel the emotions well up in Rodrigo’s heart as he talks about this incredible opportunity, an experience well worth the sacrifice of leaving his girlfriend, friends and band members behind – and having to let go of 23 of his 35 prized guitars! By joining LUZIA, Rodrigo is eager and proud to share with the world the musical soul of his country.