An outing to Cirque du Soleil for your first team building activity!

September 8, 2016

Even though your employees see each other every day during the week, they rarely have the opportunity to bond. Hurried and stressed, they must make productive use of their time and they remain accountable to their supervisor.

Team bonding activities mobilize team members and foster cohesion between them. The main benefits resulting from such activities are more motivated employees and a more unified team, leading to greater productivity and a strong sense of belonging to the company.

Team building can be a simple breakfast at the office combined with a convivial team game, or it can have a greater scope and become a major outing during which the participants will be called on to go the extra mile. 

Choose a cultural outing

Given the huge choice of activities available, you may well find it difficult to decide. That’s quite understandable. If this is the first such activity you are planning, it is certainly not the last… You will have the opportunity to organize all kinds of events! For a first experience, you want to avoid an overly complicated activity that would ask too much of participants.

Why not help your resources get out of their usual habits by offering them an eye-opening event with a high entertainment value? A cultural activity stimulates communication and inspires creativity: two characteristics you would love to promote in your work teams! 

For this first team building activity, avoid lessons of leadership or surpassing oneself: simply choose a pleasant outing that will enable everyone to get to know each other a little better and to exchange ideas. A unique moment that will not soon be forgotten!

Dazzle them with Cirque du Soleil

To complement its performances, Cirque du Soleil offers companies a range of complete packages that give your employees the opportunity to get together before the show and during the intermission. In a unique and exotic atmosphere, they will be able to exchange ideas, feast on tasty morsels and attend an artistic performance of exceptional quality. Some of your employees may never have had the chance to participate in an event of such magnitude, so this is your chance to impress them and, more importantly, to inspire them to do their very best and to develop their creativity!

Our packages are offered at advantageous rates. They include a luxurious reception to complement a cultural performance of the highest calibre. Above all, you will appreciate the simplicity of organizing the outing—which will help to ensure the success of your first team bonding outing. If Cirque du Soleil’s Big Top is coming somewhere near your place of business in the coming months, don’t miss this chance to treat your employees a unique experience! 

Back at work, draft a report on the team bonding activity following a group discussion on the strengths of the show and on the company behind this impressive achievement, taking into account that it takes a close-knit and highly productive team to achieve such a performance. Your organization’s values may well resemble those of Cirque du Soleil: what an excellent starting point for an exciting and rewarding discussion!
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