Testimonial - Social Club of Pratt & Whitney Canada

August 18, 2016


Our group activity at the Cirque du Soleil was an incredible success. Everybody – from the children to the adults - was greatly impressed by the show and wants to go again as soon as the Cirque is back in town!

An activity for all

For its first outing to the Cirque du Soleil, the social club of Pratt & Whitney Canada only purchased 70 tickets, for fear of not selling them all. The tickets actually went in a matter of days! All those who participated in the event: members of the social club, their spouses and their children, were delighted by the activity.

Advantageous rates

By purchasing a large group of tickets, the social club of Pratt & Whitney Canada benefited from an appreciable discount. And since a fixed amount was paid by the social club for each of its members, the final cost per participant was definitely interesting, especially for such a high-quality show.

A smooth organization

Those responsible for the activity were impressed by the simplicity of organizing this cultural group outing, by speaking directly to the group ticket office. The advisor helped them to choose the best seats for the available budget and a few minutes after concluding the transaction, the electronic tickets had already been received!


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